C.SHIROCK Delivers a New Music Video, “Stand With Me Tonight”. Watch Here:

The alt-pop singer and songwriter, “Chuck Shirock” who is better known his stage name, “C.SHIROCK” has shared a new music video for, “Stand With Me Tonight”.

The song, “Stand With Me Tonight” was released on 30th of November. It was a follow up song to the Nashville based singer’s previously released song, “Confess Your Love”. It will be a part of his upcoming debut EP titled, “Evidence of Things Unseen” which is supposed to be out in 2019 but the exact dates are not announced yet.

Stand With Me Tonight was co-written by C.SHIROCK with Thomas Doeve. It is a lovely synth-pop melody.

Back to the music video, It features a love story. It stars Sam Newton and Morgan Watkins. The young boy and girl find their love in a high school party. They have some complications first but then the relationship turns into a loving one. You will barely see C.SHIROCK, he could only be seen singing the song. Enjoy!

Watch the music video to the C.SHIROCK’s, “Stand With Me Tonight”:

Post Author: David Watt