“Prince: Live on the Big Screen” to include unreleased material

Prince Estate has announced recently that the upcoming event Prince: Live on the Big Screen will include some unreleased material to honor Prince, who died in 2016. The event will take place at the Target Center in Minneapolis on April 21. During the event, fans will be able to see audio and video of remastered and unreleased material. Along with the audio-visual material, audiences will be thrilled to hear some of the very inspirational and long-time Prince contributors – they are the special guests.

If you’re a fan of Prince’s music, you don’t have any reason to miss this event. It will be a four-day event. You can get tickets for the event from the Target Center’s box office.

Ever since Prince passed away at age 57, a lot of material has come out to honor his memory. Paisley Park’s Prince memorabilia gave us an insight into Prince’s work and life. A photo book that was endorsed by Beyonce showed us different phases of the singer’s life as never seen before, and a rare concert film was enough to send Prince’s fans into a frenzy. Prince Estate also hosted a battle of the bands event. The winner received a mentorship session with Prince’s long-time collaborators.

I’m sure the fans will continue getting more unreleased and never-seen-before material – thanks to the efforts Prince Estate is making despite the legal troubles it’s facing ever since Prince passed away. The estate has been sued on several issues. They have also lost their distribution rights claim against Warner Bros. Now the estate has to wait until 2021 for distribution rights for music recorded before 1996. That’s sad.



Post Author: David Watt