Benny Blanco Teams Up With Tainy, Selena Gomez and J Balvin For Music Video, “I Can’t Get Enough”. Watch Here:

The American producer, “Benny Blanco” has joined forces with the reggaeton producer, “Tainy”, the American singer, “Selena Gomez” and the Colombian singer, “J Balvin”. They have shared a new music video for, “I Can’t Get Enough”.

The track, “I Can’t Get Enough” is a catchy anthem. It features groovy production and sweet vocals by Selena and J Balvin.

This new music video features all of the four stars. It starts when Selena starts singing the song laying on a huge bed. I am not sure if that was a large bed or tiny versions of our stars? LOL! What ever it is, I like it.

Selena walks on the bed to J Balvin and Tainy who join her with singing and dancing. In the middle of the clip, Benny comes to Selena wearing a teddy bear costume and starts dancing with her. In the end, all the artists come along and dance.

Watch the music video to Benny Blanco’s song, “I Can’t Get Enough”:

Well, could you believe that the clip was shot in only a single take? Here’s what Selena wrote on Instagram, “Can’t believe we pulled it off in one take—even if I did fall once or twice trying.”

Post Author: David Watt