Avril Lavigne Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne Puts On Beautiful White Dress For Official Music Video To Her Single, “Head Above Water”. Watch:

Avril Lavigne released a New Single, “Head Above Water” Which hit the iTunes at number 1 and how could she not premiere a music video for the hit single.

Hold your ground. The Queen is here. The Canadian Singer has just killed it with a music video to her single, “Head Above Water”. She Released the visuals via YouTube today and trust me it is jaw dropping.

Music video is filmed at a beach and i am literally searching for that place. Man! Where is that place? Avril always comes up with the best but this is just mind blowing.

The video starts when the queen, “Avril” shows up wearing a beautiful white dress holding a lantern in her hand.  And it all keeps getting better and better. The pop singer’s catwalk is going to make you go out of your mind.  She looks stunning.


Watch The Official Music Video To Avril’s, “Head Above Water”:

Yeah I know you loved it.

I had a mini-heart attack when Avril goes under the water but i loved the lines, “Come rescue me, I’ll be waiting”. This song actually comes with a message. I am happy with her believe and yes, the message at the end of the video about Lyme awareness was good.


Post Author: David Watt