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Anti-Trump project has a new song “Omaha” by Toro y Moi – Listen Now

The popular Bandcamp’s anti-Trump is doing well so far. In fact, there is a new song included in the project “Our First 100 Days”. This new song “Omaha” by Toro y Moi is a soulful song where Chaz Bundick introduces and masters a new singer-songwriter style. The song has a nice breezy bass groove. Additionally, you will also hear some vintage synthesizers in the background that help the song develop a unique atmosphere.

The project Our First 100 Days was conceived by Jon Coombs after he was left stunned with the victory of Donald Trump in the election for US presidency. When he felt that the society is also feeling a similar emotional impact from Trump’s victory, he decided to start a project to lens these feelings. To get things moving, he recruited artists who would help the project add a new song every day for the first 100 days. Now that’s a huge ambition. The project is funded through numerous non-profit groups.

When talking about the project, Jon Coombs told the fans that this project would help convey how people felt with Trump’s victory. On top of that, he added, people would also get to listen to some great music.

At the end of the project, there will be an LP titled “100 Days” that will include all the music produced for the project. As of now, 13 tracks have made it to the project and you can stream them all via Bandcamp. You can pre-order the LP by making a donation of $30 to the project.

Coming back to the latest addition to this project, you can listen to “Omaha” by Toro y Moi below. It’s a great song so don’t forget to share it with your friends via your social media accounts. Let’s spread the word about this project and help the cause.

Listen to “Omaha” by Toro y Moi

Post Author: David Watt