Album Review: Gwen Stefani’s Solo LP “This Is What The Truth Feels Like”

Gwen Stefani has finally released much-awaited first solo LP titled “This Is What The Truth Feels Like”. The album was released on March 18, only two days earlier, but it has already sold a lot of copies. People are certainly happy to buy Gwen’s new album.

This solo LP from Gwen Stefani could easily be rated 4 out of 5. Some would rate it even higher considering she is 46 and mother of three. It’s amazing that she can still sound so glamorous as if she was in high school. This album is a truer reflection of Gwen and her music. She has managed to sound stranger while maintaining the high school atmosphere.

Gwen expresses herself in this album like she’s never done before. She’s clear in her tone and she cleverly adapts modern pop with ease. This is the reason many critics are calling this LP her best music ever. To be honest, the album won’t let you down no matter how you look at it. It’s going to be a hooky addition to your playlist that’s going to stay there for a few seasons.

The two stand-out tracks from the album are “I Used to Love You” and “Truth”. Although the first song is only peaking at number 52 on charts, it’s managed to grab fans’ attention somehow or the other. This song has become kind of ‘signal’ or renewed Gwen Stefani. The other stand-out song from the album is ‘Truth”. It’s a crispy rhythmic track that will tell you the a lot of truths that Gwen has been trying to say in this album.


Post Author: David Watt