Album Review: “Free Weezy Album” by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s project “Free Weezy Album” is complete and out now. This much-anticipated album from New Oreleans singer was premiered on TIDAL last week. The project includes 15 different tracks, featuring various top artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Cory Gunz and Jeezy. The project is produced by Cool & Dre, Develop, Beats, Jake Throth and many others.

The “Free Weezy Album” features various tracks that will excite his fans. As soon as you listen to this album, you know Lil Wayne wanted to talk about his sex life and drugs. This is no surprise as many rappers feel thrilled to talk about these.

With the release of this album, fans finally have something from Lil Wayne who has been focusing mainly on his fights against his former label Cash Money Records. Ever since these fights started, we haven’t heard anything good from the rapper who was being considered the best rapper alive a few years back.

Nevertheless, Lil Wayne wants you to put all that behind and move on and listen to his new music. He has already publically said that this would be his best album ever. If that turns out to be true, fans would definitely forget Lil Wayne’s issues with his label. But if this album fails, Lil Wayne will have tough time hitting back soon again.

You can stream the album on TIDAL by following this link.

Post Author: David Watt