5 Music Albums That You May Have Missed in 2014

Finally we’ve come to a point of this year where we’ll round up many things from singles that broke the radio to albums that sold zillions of copies. At the same time we’d want to help you find albums that didn’t get noticed much despite being really good. This list brings you 5 such albums that were good but chances are that you might have missed them.

  • Braveheart by Ashanti

This album took Ashanti six years. Ashanti put a lot of hard work in this album and gave us some R&B gems that will be part of any good track list for years to come. Although majority of the tracks just didn’t land well and that’s the reason you may have missed these gems.

  • The Inevitable by Royksopp

You may have already heard ‘Monument’ from this album but you may have missed this last full-length LP from the band. The album got good ratings from music critics but didn’t make it big in terms of sales and radio play time. The album was just outside the Billboard 100 when launched.

  • Food by Kelis

This album landed on #73 on Billboard top 100 chart. “Rumble” was the track that got fair radio airtime and made it to critics’ playlists across the country but still chances are you might have missed the album. Kelis is one of the most talented singers to watch out for in 2015 with her shift to soul music from R&B and electronica.

  • JHUD by Jennifer Hudson

JHUD by Jennifer Hudson is another good album that you might have missed this year. You may heard the hit track “I Can’t Describe” from this album already but chances are that you may have missed  the album because miss Hudson didn’t really get that much radio play.

  • Sorry I’m Late by Cher Lloyd

This album charted at #12 and its popular track was titled “I Wish” featuring T.I. This is probably the best full teen-pop album released in 2014. You might want to listen to other tracks and if you enjoy teen-pop, you’re definitely going to most of the tracks in this surprisingly solid album.



Post Author: David Watt