Zayn Malik - Sour Deisel

3:13 High Note Will Give You ‘Michael Jackson Vibes’ in Zayn’s Just Arrived Single “Sour Diesel”

Zayn Malik - Sour Deisel

A bleached-blonde Zayn Malik just dropped a song “Sour Diesel” at sharp 12:00pm ET with light drums and deep bass notes turns it into a very groovy dance anthem. This song is having a Michael Jackson’s spicy flavor.

“Sour Diesel” will make a mark on Zayn’s mostly talked second album, all set to be released with the famous label RCA Records. It will be his second studio album and British singer has promised that it will be available in stores later this year 2018.  Early this year Zayn teased the audience, Sharing A Video where he is singing a room.

The very new track is setting digital platforms on fire this Wednesday noon. On Zane Lowe’s beats show it was exclusively his first-play. There are gossips that “Sour Diesel” has similarities with MJ Inspired funk-rock tune. According to me it is bang on with the early description and it’s a different number from Zayn, you will surely love it.

The bad boy streak is continued with this song just like his previously tracks “Entertainer” and “Let me” from a hooded vigilante hero Zayn Malik.

‘She bad, she bad, she bad is a chorus goes with the song. Hero manages to steal a jewel thing from an underworld mafia but gets caught and beaten, but a DC hero Arrow look like his partner in crime with beautiful eyes rescue him in time. Yes, you are imagining visuals!

This song is a mixture of tinkling notes followed by gradually shifting lounge music. It has variety of groovy melody ending with bass melody and guitar riff. I feel like it’s impossible for Zayn to make a bad song, like honestly this is so sick.

Post Author: David Watt