Zayn Malik teases his return with a new song

Zayn Malik is going to be back with a new song. He teased his new song on social media for his fans who have been waiting for four months. It’s been that long since we had Zayn’s last song “Dusk Till Dawn”. Now that’s a long wait considering a lot of us expecting him to follow up “Dusk Till Dawn” within a few weeks. Nevertheless, the new single is going to be here pretty soon now and that makes me really exciting. But there is an even bigger news. I don’t think Zayn is planning to release just a couple of new singles. In fact, I feel like it’s time for him to give us his new sohphomore album. When could it be here? I think we will know within next couple of weeks.

The latest preview of his new single actually came in form two social media posts. The first post was a poem. Later, Zayn shared a video where he is singing a room. He is in his own room and the song you hear is the poem he shared earlier. If you don’t know already, Zayn has a special name for his poetry. So if it’s a poem by Zayn, we call it a ‘zoem’. That’s his way of grabbing more fans on social media.

This new song seems like a dedication to Gigi Hadid who is Zayn’s girlfriend. Why do I think so? You gotta read the poem Zayn shared on the social media or just listen to the song he shared with us on social media. You will know what it’s dedicated to. It’s definitely his girlfriend and we love it so far. I can’t wait for new music from Zayn. Read the poem below and watch the teaser video for his new song.

Zayn’s New Song – Teaser!


Post Author: David Watt