Years & Years Debut New Track Song “Hypnotised”

Years & Years have recently made a come back to the music world after last year’s “Meteorite” single produced solely for “Bridget Jones’ Baby” soundtrack. It seems like the frontman of the band Alexander has a lot to say to the public lately. Alexander opened up quite brutally on various platforms including social media, discussing his opinions.

On the new song “Hypnotised”, Years & Years’ frontman Olly Alexander said:

“It was a really wonderful experience working with Baz, he’s so passionate about every detail, and I was really excited to be part of something so creative. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of Erdem. The song is about falling head over heels for somebody and it totally up-ends everything you thought you knew about yourself.”

Alexandar Opens Up About Piers Morgan Quite Brutally

Talking about the challenges trans community is facing and the hate they receive, Alexander spoke up quite honestly as:

“I struggle to describe how horrified I feel about people like Piers Morgan and the damage they’re doing. They hide behind ‘It’s free speech, I can say what I like’. No, we have a responsibility to try to help people and encourage better forms of discussion.”

According to Alexandar, young trans are the most at-risk people in our society and for Piers Morgan to say some of the things he does is wildly irresponsible. It seems hard for Alexandar to know how he sleeps peacefully at night.

Post Author: David Watt