Who is Anggun ?

Anggun is an international star who has sold over 2 million album copies around Europe.

Anggun was already a star in Southeast Asia when she decided to leave everything behind to launch her international career. London, Amsterdam and finally Paris, where she met the producer who had made Céline Dion’s songs a success. Together they created the hit ‘Snow On The Sahara’, which charted in 33 countries around the world and made the Top 5 in Europe and the US Top 20.

Having taken French nationality 15 years ago, Anggun is currently the world’s most-played French-language singer, making her one of France’s finest musical exports of the decade.

An artist through and through as well as a citizen of the world, Anggun is a Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in its fight against world hunger.

After being lucky enough to sing with major artists such as Peter Gabriel, Pras (of The Fugees), Julio Iglesias and Michael Bolton, Anggun is immensely proud to represent France at the unique event that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

Anggun offers us ‘Echo (You and I)’, written by the prominent French songwriting duo of Jean-Pierre Pilot and William Rousseau and mixed by Veronica Ferraro (David Guetta’s sound engineer). Up-tempo and ambitious, ‘Echo (You and I’) is a song about the very essence of life – love between two people. As Anggun puts it in her song, despite our frenetic modern lifestyles and our consumerist obsessions, what really counts and gives our life meaning is You and I.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer