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Watch Music Video “Angel” by Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony premiered their new music video for the latest single “Angel”. The music video came out yesterday and it was a surprise. The band didn’t talk about it and they didn’t give us any teaser. The MV came out on VEVO.

The band is working on its upcoming studio album. This will be their 3rd album and it is self-titled. I feel as if they did the right thing by giving it band name as a title after the band recently broke with Camila Cabello. It’s a sign that the other band members are united and they are pursuing the same goal i,e. to make exciting new music for their fans.  Their new album will come out in the store during the last week of August. I’m sure a lot of you 5H fans would be waiting anxiously for the pre-order date but 5H or their label hasn’t given us the date yet. As soon as there is some info on that, we will let you know.

This surprise music video confirms that 5H wants to give their fans some more music before they release their album later this August. As of now, we know that this new song will be included in the 5H upcoming album. It’s not a countdown. We believe it’s this way although the band hasn’t said anything about it at all.

In the music video, you will see the 4 members of 5H looking fierce. The sexy girls named Ally, Normani, Dinah, and Lauren are at their best as they rap verses with attitude. They have a colorful backdrop that makes the girls look even sexier. The video is well done and I’m sure it will give Camila vibes. If she was a part of this video, maybe it would look even better.

Watch Music Video “Angel” by Fifth Harmony

Post Author: David Watt