Watch Naill Horan in a Mini Concert in “The Today Show”

Naill Horan has delivered one of the best performances of the year on “The Today Show”. He performed a mini-concert and it was just awesome.

When Naill Horan came to the show last year at the Rockefeller Plaza, he could only do an in-studio performance. His last outdoor performance at the show was with One Direction. Since his solo career is now up and kicking, it seemed like a perfect time to do a mini-concert. He didn’t disappoint his fans as he came out in front of a large crowd to perform three of his favorite songs. The live performance was clearly something that his fans expected him to do at this stage of his solo career.

Naill Horan made a good choice for all the songs. The first song he performed was “Slow Hands”, which is a hit already. It’s sitting at 12th spot on iTunes chart and chances are that this song will stay in top 100 for weeks to come. The other two songs that he performed were “On The Loose” and “This Town”. The later is his solo debut song.

When Naill Horan came out to perform this mini-concert, it was raining in NYC. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him from delivering mesmerizing performance. His fans were also eager to see him live and they didn’t leave because of the rain. In fact, the rain added more color to his mini-concert and made it something fun.

During his performance, Naill sounded really good and looked full of confidence on the stage. I believe he is growing really fast as an artist. His debut solo album will come out in 2017 but we are not sure of the date.

Watch Naill Horan Perform “Slow Hands”, “On The Loose”, and “This Town” on The Today Show

Post Author: David Watt