Watch Dua Lipa Perform “IDGAF” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dua Lipa appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform her latest single “IDGAF”. Everything about it was totally awesome. From the way she walked on the stage to her red and white dress, everything about her was asking me to keep the eyes on the TV.

When Dua Lipa started singing her latest single “IDGAF”, she was totally dominating my eyes and ears. Her flawless appearance on stage was met with brilliant vocals. She was just too good for my ears to hear anything else during these blessed three-minutes that her performance lasted.

We had some brilliant TV performances from Camila Cabello during her “Havana” days. Ever since, there hasn’t been much that I’d be desperate to talk about. But Dua Lipa has given us another performance to talk about throughout this week. It’s that good.

The new single “IDGAF” is her follow-up single to “New Rules”. It had to be really good to meet the expectations. I feel like Dua hasn’t disappointed even a single fan with this single. And I tell you something, no matter what song she chooses to be her next single after “IDGAF”, it’s gonna be a hit. The reason is simple. All songs on her album are simply amazing. She’s such a talent and I’m totally in love with what’s to come in 2018 from Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa’s debut album came out in 2017. Now she is working on promoting her single “IDGAF” in America. This TV performance was part of this larger gig. She will be definitely appearing on various American TV shows during the coming weeks and that means we’ll have plenty to enjoy this month.

One last thing that I want to talk about her performance is the way she missed the word ‘f*ck”. She muted and touched her teeth as if she was too shy to say the word in front of TV audience. In the later parts, she simply rhymed instead of saying the word. Watch her performance below.

Watch Dua Lipa Performing “IDGAF” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Post Author: David Watt