Watch Camila Cabello Perform “Sangria Wine” with Pharrell

Camila Cabello is dedicated to giving the best performances of her new single “Sangria Wine”. She was recently seen in a concert at the Hollywood Palladium in LA. There, she performed her latest single “Sangria Wine” live and brought out Pharrell. She premiered the song earlier with a live performance of this new single during her “Never Be The Same” tour. If you don’t know already, Pharrell also produced this track. So his presence was a big moment not only for Camila but also for her fans.

Pharrell coming out to perform with Camilla was a big moment and Camila was quick to realize that. She went to Twitter to thank the rapper for being there for her. While talking to her Twitter fans, she also told them that she will be releasing the studio version of this latest single soon. So it’s time we get ready ‘for some sangria wine’.

Apart from her performance, she also made news backstage when she kissed her boyfriend Mathew Hussey. He was there to support Camila and the girl decided to go to the stage after kissing her boyfriend. That probably helped Camila deliver the performance with such confidence. I like it. Watch her performance below.

Watch Camila Cabello Perform “Sangria Wine” with Pharrell


Post Author: David Watt