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Watch Camila Cabello Perform “Know No Better” in Miami

Camila Cabello has delivered her first proper performance of “Know No Better”. It was expected but no one saw it coming so quickly. When Diplo teased with this new song at a concert recently, a lot of people thought that it’s still int he making and that it will take some time before we could listen to the song.

Diplo brought Camila Cabello to his free show in Miami. Instead of playing recorded song in the background, Diplo choose to go live as Camila was there to sing her verses. She came out full of energy and delivered a magnificient performance, slaying her verses like a peace of cake. She didn’t just sing but she enjoyed the song as well. She was unstoppable as the powerful EDM beat moved her body. This beat is so magnetic that it’s going to move everyone who listens to this song. I’m sure it will help the song become a major hit this summer once its released.

Below, you can watch Camila performing the song in front of a high-energy crowd. Notice how this song is making Camila really excited. It’s everything we expect from her.

Watch Camila Cabello Perform “Know No Better” with Diplo in Miami

Post Author: David Watt