This weeks single releases – 30 Dec

Single Reviews – 30 December

Philip Lickley’s weekly round-up of the best of the coming weeks single releases…

David Guetta feat. Taped Rai – ‘Just One Last Time’

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The second single from Guetta’s album is a slight departure from his usual release, at least in the first minute, in that its electronic sound is toned down for a more Justin Timberlake-esque sound. He can’t avoid, though, throwing in more of his traditional sound and it melts into sounding like many of his other releases but then slightly redeems itself at the end with a more well-constructed sound away from his dance style. Not the most exciting end to a year for Guetta, time for him to try something other than the beat perhaps?

Matrix and Futurebound feat. Baby Blue – ‘Magnetic Eyes’

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Again, like the David Guetta single above, there’s a good song here, but buried under too much production. It’ll fit nicely into the club environment and is a head-nodder of a dance tune, but it’s nothing outstanding in the genre and is a little stale after some bigger numbers of the year. Guest artist Baby Blue sounds great including her surprising rap, but doesn’t have a chance to really stand out from the overpowering backing. It’s a grower but not enough of a one.

Pet Shop Boys – ‘Memory Of The Future’

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The third single from the band’s ‘Elysium’ album has been given a fresh lick of paint by Stuart Price for this release. It’s the weakest of the releases so far but the electronic backing and Tennant’s familiar vocal style has an enjoyable ethereal style to it. Perhaps a better album track than a single but it echoes back more to their classic sound than their recent hits. The chorus soon grabs you after a few listens but it’s not a hugely strong single release, though a great soundscape and well worth a listen.

Spector- ‘Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End’

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The sixth single from the excellent ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’, this song is one of the best on the album and deserves a single release to round off a great year for the band. With a great verse and bridge building up to the singable and rocking chorus, plus a great drum-beat then sing-a-long breakdown nearer the end, this is destined to be a live anthem for the group and the soundtrack to many television shows about the end of the week.

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