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Shawn Mendes Premiers New Official Acoustic MV for “Mercy”

It looks as if Shawn Mendes is planning to keep promoting his new single “Mercy”. The single is already a hit but Shawn has other plans. He has now given his fans an ‘acoustic’ music video for “Mercy”. He premiered the video on VEVO.

Although it looks perfect that Shawn is trying to keep promoting his single, this strategy to premiere an acoustic video seems out of place. The song “Mercy” is already an acoustic single. You just have to take out drums and the song will sound like a pure acoustic single. Why in the world did Shawn need to come up with an ‘acoustic’ video then? Shawn gave us the video thinking that it would be a surprise but it’s not. Now does that give Shawn any value from this video?

Only Shawn could explain what he was thinking when decided to make this video. We will be posting updates if Shawn decides to comment on the video and the reasons behind it.

The music video shows Shawn Mendes performing his song’s acoustic version at in NYC. It’s the famous Madison Square Garden where the Canadian has already performed the acoustic version back in fall. However, this is not that live version but it’s only a scripted video where Shawn lip-synced and the studio-recorded acoustic version of the song played in the back. So, it’s not even a real acoustic performance.

Is Shawn trying to trick his fans by selecting MSG for the video? Does he want fans to believe that it’s a live performance? Maybe, Shawn is trying to sell something that it isn’t and that’s why he is trying a few tricks. I’m sure you can tell better after watching this new acoustic video below.

Watch “Mercy” acoustic music video by Shawn Mendes

Post Author: David Watt