Selena Gomez Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of “Fetish” Music Video

Selena Gomez has taken us behind the scenes of her latest music video “Fetish”. It’s only a minute-long BTS video but still, it’s something that will excite a lot of people. Earlier, she appeared in a Q&A session where she eagerly answered questions and explained a lot of stuff that her fans wanted to know.

It’s good to see Selena doing all these things. Maybe, the next thing would be a live performance – one that fans have been eagerly waiting and it seems to take longer than expected. The time is right for Selena to come out and deliver a killer performance of her song.

In the BTS video, you will see Selena having some fun time with the crew. You will see her throwing jokes and talking to her crew while shooting the music video. I’m sure a lot of fans wanted to see this BTS video. It’s adorable and you are going to see the brighter side of “Fetish”. They had a lot of fun while making this video, unlike the final outcome, which is a somewhat dark and intense.

If you are thinking that Selena is gearing up to perform at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, she ain’t even on the list. I don’t know if the awards committee would include her at the very last moment but it seems as if we are not going to see any TV appearances from the singer. Watch the BTS video as this could be the only material that you will see from Selena for a while.

Watch BTS  video for “Fetish” Music Video

Post Author: David Watt