Sam Smith and Calvin Harris Released a Music Video For, “Promises”, It Features an Incredible Theme!

The Sam Smith and Calvin Harris  collaboration song,”Promises” is already a bop. The song is gaining popularity on the charts. But the duo has just premiered visuals for the song and i think that is going to help them to get them something special on the charts.

The pair released their song, “Promises” first and now they have accompanied it with a music video. The Music Video comes with a good theme and is colorful.

The video shows people partying who have dressed themselves extraordinary. These Voguers are doing their things and are enjoying like one should. You will see them doing things what they are good at.. i mean to enjoy their time.

I love the “Catwalk” part. Yes! the video shows some stylish-dressed people doing catwalk for some fashion show and that is more attractive segment of the video.

The video shows some Heterosexuals living their time. But after watching the video i can’t find out what’s Calvin doing in the video? Nothing?

Watch The Music Video To, “Promises”

Just WOW! I think with this colorful video the duo deserves a killing response. I am watching it over and over. They have chosen the best theme for the video it actually fits and connects with the lyrics.

Post Author: David Watt