New Single: “The Big Big Beat” by Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has dropped a new single titled “The Big Big Beat”. The track was originally planned to drop a few weeks back but something delayed the release. There is a popular theory about the delay that miss Banks’ management held it back at the last minute when they realized that the track could be a huge hit so they wanted to release it with proper preparation. The track will be included in raptress’ upcoming mixtape titled “Slay-Z”.

This new track is produced by An Expresso. The production is that of excellent quality and deserves appreciation along with Azealia who has slayed the track.

Although its a great song and it will definitely make it to the top charts, there seems to be no wisdom in delayed release. Even if the management had to delay the release to ensure a ‘proper’ release, they haven’t done so. The track is released on SoundCloud when they could have used a major outlet to release the track if they were to hold back the release earlier. Maybe, they could have released a music video along with the track. But anyway, all you get is the song and for now it’s all fans wanted from Azealia. It’s a fire and you’re going to love it. Be sure to turn your volume as high as you could before you hit PLAY below.

Listen to “The Big Big Beat” by Azealia Banks

Post Author: David Watt