sasha sloan smiling when i die

Single Review: “Smiling When I Die” By Sasha Sloan

Sasha Sloan has developed a habit of giving us very good singles and she isn’t stopping any time soon. It’s time for a new single and it’s another possible hit. It’s titled “Smiling When I Die.”

Although the name of this new single suggests clearly that it’s going to be a very depressing track but it turns out to be rather less gloomy. In the track, Sasha talks about enjoying the life here and now instead of thinking ahead of yourself and your time. When your time to go arrives, you’ve to be smiling as if you have lived it all and in full. That’s the spirit that Sasha wants to evoke in her fans. It’s a beautiful message that goes home straight after the first listen of “Smiling When I Die.”

The song has a semi-upheat chorus that makes it sound so good. The 24-year old hitmaker wants to go to Tokyo to see all the lights and to a desert to see if there is something she might find interesting. Give it a listen below.

Listen New Single “Smiling When I Die” By Sasha Sloan

Post Author: David Watt