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Single Review: “Selfish” By Madison Beer

Madison Beer is an exciting new artist who has already impressed fans and critics alike. For that reason, her album “Life Support” is among the most-anticipated albums of the year already. Now she has released a new single titled “Selfish.” The 20-year-old takes up the subject matter of a toxic relationship and creates a stunning breakup anthem.

The new song “Selfish” opens with the young singer declaring that she has crossed off his name from her book because he’s a lost cause. Her vocals come out on top with minimal guitar arrangements in the opening verses. She then asks him if he has a solution for the situation and then asserts that he can’t do a thing “You can’t even fix yourself.” By the time she reaches the chorus, she can’t help but speak the truth “Shouldn’t love you, but I couldn’t help it. Has a feeling that you never felt it, I always knew that you were too damn selfish.”

Considering the timing of the song, it has to be tagged as an anti-Valentine’s Day anthem. Madison Beer speaks the truth and lets her emotions out. While talking about the song, she told her fans that she wanted to give her fans something personal and intimate. It wasn’t meant for Valentine’s Day but she found it to be the perfect time to share it. It’s easily one of the best songs out this week and Madison Beer has shown that she can maintain quality with every new song. Give this new song “Selfish” a listen below.

Listen To New Single “Selfish” By Madison Beer

Post Author: Harvey Dyer