Single Review: “Joanna” By JoJo

JoJo is releasing an LP and to give her fans a taste of what to expect, she has released a new single. It’s titled “Joanna.” She has followed up this new single with a music video that you can watch at the end of this review.

The vocal queen hasn’t done a lot of work since her 2016’s Mad Love. In fact, very few have heard of her in the last 2-3 years. We now know that she was actually working on changing her label and a few other things during the time.

The song “Joanna” is a letter to a girl who wants to be famous. JoJo tells her to date someone famous , that’ll probably put her on the A-list. In fact, it’s not just any girl but it’s she who had received similar advice in her own career. She goes further and talks about this unwanted advice “That’ll probably get you o them playlists, stop being so damn underrated.” As the song reaches the chorus, JoJo becomes even more intense with her vocals. The pitch of her lyrics also goes up as she sings “You peaked, sorry to get deep, but heard your story before – it’s not unique.”

“Joanna” is a great song and proof that JoJo is going to give us some amazing music in the upcoming album. Listen to this song below and watch the music video.

Watch Music Video “Joanna” By JoJo

Post Author: David Watt