Single: “Hymm For The Weekend” Coldplay ft. Beyonce

Coldplay premiered the most-anticipated song from the new album “A Head Full of Dreams” yesterday via BBC Radio 1. The track “Hymm For The Weekend” features Beyonce. This track came out at a time when Coldplay fans are finding themselves in a frenzy as “A Head Full Of Dreams” could be the last ever album from the band. Even if doesn’t turn out to be the last ever album, chances are good that the next sound from Coldplay will take years if not decades.

“Hymm For The Weekend” comes somewhere in middle of dreamy rock and club music. Chris Martin sings about how her girl helped him get through the toughest moments in his life, especially when he was down and couldn’t find a way out of his solace. It was his girl that came to lift him up. Now Martin wants to thank the girl for loving him so much and for helping him feel alive once again when it looked as life has ended.

The song kind of asked for a female voice. You’ll know that when you will pay close attention to the lyrics. Considering Chris and Beyonce are good friends, featuring her in the song was quite obvious. The fans are going to love this collaboration even though Beyonce didn’t get a solo verse. Still, it’s a great song and breath of fresh air for anyone who has been listening to Coldplay. Even for Beyonce, its a kind of collaboration she has never worked on before. Listen to the song below.

Listen “Hymm For The Weekend” by Coldplay ft. Beyonce

Post Author: David Watt