New Single: “Golden” by Travie McCoy & Sia

Travie McCoy has released two songs after his 2010 album “Lazarus” but there hasn’t been a follow-up album yet. One of the song was “Rough Water” released in 2013. The other song was titled “Keep On Keeping On” that hit stores in 2014. Now he has released a new song teaming up with talented singer and songwriter Sia and yet there is no sign of a follow-up album. Maybe this track will also be just a one-off single and there won’t be a new album this year. But we don’t know anything for sure. There is no confirmed news whether this new track will be included in follow-up album.

Travie McCoy didn’t follow-up with an album mainly because both the singles he released previously didn’t do any good on the charts. Now with “Golden” out and everyone believing that it is going to be a hit this time, chances are that Travie will probably think about releasing an album this time around. But still Travie and his label will be waiting to see if “Golden” becomes a hit before announcing an album. Apart from that, Travie needs to have a hit under his belt now because if he doesn’t, his label may think of taking him off their rooster now.

“Golden” is an uplifting track. Sia has written an amazing chorus but she hasn’t done that well with the vocals, especially after what we have heard from her in the past. Even Travie McCoy doesn’t sound good, especially in the first listen. I’m sure it will grow on audience as they listen it again and again. Or at least, that’s what McCoy will be praying.

Watch Music Video “Golden” by Travie McCoy & Sia



Post Author: Asif Mumtaz