“Far From Heaven” by JoJo surfaced online last week and it has been creating a lot of buzz ever since. The track is so powerful that it is going to make you want to go back to the Church, ask Lord for forgiveness and be Lord’s loyal servant for...

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“Put It Up” is the new collaboration from Rihanna and Chris Brown. This casual collaboration is was originally recorded when “Nobody’s Business” was recorded and Rihanna had the track since 2012 album “Unapologetic”. The track was originally planned to be released as a part of Chris Brown’s 2013 album...

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mumford and sons

Mumford and Sons have premiered their new track titled “The Wolf”. The new single is from British folk-rock’s upcoming album titled “Wilder Mind”, which is due to hit stores on 4 May, 2015. The band has also appeared on last week’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) performing “The Wolf” along...

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