Music Video: “Sola” by Becky G

Becky G has premiered a music video for her recent Spanish single titled “Sola”. She released the song earlier to test the Spanish market. The song failed to ripple any waves yet. Now in an effort to get some momentum going in her favor, she has released this music video.  Let’s hope that this video helps Becky G get some appreciation from the Spanish music market.

when you watch this music video,  you will definitely admire Becky’s confidence in front of the camera. She really knows her angles and she is fully aware how the camera is going to treat her in every scene. Even her makeup is gorgeous and makes perfect sense for each scene from the video.

The plot of the music video is somewhat surprising as Becky G acts as a dead person in the video. She does so because she wants to make her boyfriend cry for her, who doesn’t care for her at all. But this whole dying thing didn’t go well for Becky as the police arrive at the scene to investigate the death. Later on in the video, Becky is seen attending her own funeral in a disguise.

You will then see her saving a girl from a disastrous relationship. Probably Becky – disappointed by her boyfriend and after faking the death – had decided to help other girls who could end up doing stupid things like her. So she is out there to help these girls. Maybe she was there just as an accident. You could never know.

Could this video help the song become a hit eventually? Only time will tell.

Apart from a twisted script and great-looking Becky G, there is nothing special about this music video. It’s a good video but I doubt it can help the song become a hit. Maybe, other fans will think differently. Watch the video below and leave you comments about the video.

Watch Music Video “Sola” by Becky G

Post Author: David Watt