Music Video: “Reykjavik Kids” by Reykjavik Kids + Tour Dates

Reykjavik Kids released their debut single on 18 April, 2015 through their record label Tigre Fair/Passion Music. Reykjavik Kids are electronic lo-fi focused indie band who are being looked at as amazingly talented young duo with an eye for musical detail. After releasing their music video for debut single, they are on their way to huge success.

The music video for their debut single stars Reykjavik Kids who have the oddest nightmares. The video is set in London landscape.

Scott Munro and Paul Tissington, the Reykjavik Kids, were doing their own separate stuff until 2010. They met outside a Newcastle rehearsal room where they both were present to take auditions for band members. At this time, Scott had developed love for melody while Paul had become a songwriter for riff-driven guitar songs. He earlier spent years mastering noise-rock where despite the fact that he didn’t make it big but he learned a lot that would prove to be huge help and one of the reasons the band Reykjavik Kids was formed. The duo quickly decided to go their way instead of auditioning for other bands and found an amazing bonding between them. As a result, each member was bringing something to the band, building layer after layer of aesthetic sound. They quickly released their demos that were praised by a London-based boutique label who then went on to release their debut single. As the plans are laid so far, this single will follow an EP which will be released during summer of 2015. The band has announced their tour dates for a short UK tour starting in June. You can find tour dates below.

UK Tour Dates:

29th May – Sheffield – South Sea 30th May – Milton Keynes – The Craufurd
Arms4th June – Nottingham – The Loft House 5th June – Newcastle – Dog &
Parrot 6th June – Manchester – The Castle Hotel 7th June – Glasgow – 13th
Note9th June – London – The Finsbury

Watch “Reykjavik Kids” by Reykjavik Kids – Official Music Video


Originating from the banks of Newcastle upon Tyne, Reykjavik Kids are tip top duo Paul Tissington & Scott Munro, with a musical blend of up-tempo blasts of indie, dance and punk.

Reykjavik Kids, Scott and Paul love to create music on budget computers, beat-up guitars and old synths in their Newcastle and London bases encapsulating a certain sound but together they become an entirely different concept. Both are “post war veterans” of various indie bands and the clichéd “tired old Arctic Monkeys sixth-former line-ups” but have moved away from that to create a unique blend of indie, dance and elements of proto-punk.

“It may be dance inspired music and have synths, drum machines and things, but it still has its roots deeply implanted in the stuff we love like The Beatles, Gang of Four, Interpol, The Rakes just great simple guitar tunes. Basically music we want to listen to ourselves.”

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