New Music Video: “Rainbow” by Sia featuring Maddie Ziegler

Sia has premiered the official music video for “Rainbow”. The music video came out today and it features Maddie Ziegler. The song “Rainbow” is taken from the soundtrack of the upcoming animated film “My Little Pony”. It’s a special film for Sia who is not only responsible for the official soundtrack but she has also lent her voice to a character in the film. If you want to hear how she sounds as a voice actor, look out for the character Songbird Serenade when watching the movie. I’m pretty sure Sia will do great. I totally believe in her talent.

The big news is that you are going to see Maddie Ziegler in the music video. Maddie is Sia’s longtime collaborator. Those who have been following Sia should be familiar with Maddie. You will watch Maddie doing a lot of cool temporary dance moves in the “Rainbow” music video.

Apart from the amazing dance moves by Maddie, you will also see some shots from the original animated film in the music video. These scenes look awesome and make me watch the movie. It’s definitely exclusive footage that fans can see now thanks to Sia. If you are wondering what Sia will be doing in the music video, surprisingly she won’t make even a single appearance.

The music video for “Rainbow” is directed by Daniel Askill. It’s a good music video – one that gives us exclusive movie scenes while showcasing the talented dancer Maddie. Watch it below.

Watch “Rainbow” Music Video by Sia featuring Maddie Ziegler

Post Author: David Watt