Music Video: “Living Out Loud” by Brooke Candy ft. Sia

Brooke Candy and Sia have collaborated for a new song titled “Living Out Loud”. This song is written by Sia, who also features on the song as a featuring artist. It’s amazing how Sia can transform music with her songwriting and now with her singing as well. She is a super talent and it seems that Brooke Candy has also needed Sia to be on her side to find a way to make her breakthrough song. Could this be that song, finally? Well, it sounds like one.

This new song will be included in Brooke Candy’s upcoming studio album, which has already been delayed endlessly. Now with this song released a few weeks earlier and it’s `video out, it seems fair to assume that Brooke Candy is finally making her moves to release this much-awaited album.

The music video for the song “Living Out Loud” hit the internet last night when Brooke Candy decided to release the music video on VEVO. The video is directed by Simon Can.

The music video is about having the strength to live a life. It’s not that Brooke didn’t have this strength already but what she wants to show in the video is that living at it’s best is what matters. Now that she wants to have some fun, she is sitting on the back of a motorcycle and she’s dancing. That’s how you get the most out of your life. She’s backed up by dancers, and they all look just like Sia. Unfortunately, none of those dancers is Sia as she couldn’t make it to the video shoot. The director was left to use Sia’s wig only so he decided to put it on a group of backing dancers. The video seems just awesome and I recommend you don’t waste even a second more. Watch it below.

Watch “Living Out Loud” Music Video by Brooke Candy and Sia

Post Author: David Watt