New Music Video: “Into You” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande knows her trade. When her songs need a push, she knows exactly what to do. This time, she has decided to push her song “Into You” so that it can easily elevate to the top of Billboard Hot 100 singles. And you know what she did to turn things around this time? The same she did to her single “Dangerous Woman”. Yes, you guessed it right. Ariana has released an acapella video for her latest single “Into You”.

This new music video for “Into You” is flawless, seriously. But this video itself is a sign of big things to come. When Ariana released a similar video for her single “Dangerous Woman”, she followed it up with a proper music video. Her song rocked on top of the charts. Now Ariana is repeating the same formula since she knows it works. The fans should be happy that Ariana is doing this again because they know that they are going to be treated with a fantastic video of this song soon.

Unlike her previous acapella video for “Dangerous Woman”, she did things somewhat differently, though, like putting a few new ingredients into the success formula. There is no dominatrix costume this time but instead, she is wearing a regular dress. This video is black and white and you can read the lyrics as well while watching this performance video.

To be honest, it is a great way to stay closer to your fans. After all, who doesn’t love performance videos coming out for major singles before they get the official high budget videos? I’m sure fans and artists both enjoy the buzz and it also helps with chart position, at least that’s what it does for Ari the princess. Watch this video below.

Watch Performance Video for “Into You” by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt