New Music: “That’s What’s Up” by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys released a new song on 25th. Do you remember what’s so important about this date? It’s Alicia’s birthday.

When she celebrated her birthday this year (35 years old), she decided to do it in style. She released a new song titled “That’s What’s Up”, just to gift herself something for the big occasion. Since this was a birthday song, everyone can head to SoundCloud to download the tune for free. Alicia has decided to keep the song free.

As this is a fun song, meant for a birthday party only, it lacks the cutting-edge production quality. It’s a little rough and you may have to take a few listens to fall in love with this song.

The song opens with piano, as you expect from Alicia, but then it gets a little out of its skin. You hear funky tunes, Alicia shuffling from here to there while telling the stories of her life. This song, once again, proves that there is much more to Alicia’s music than high-pitched piano ballads. Listen to “That’s What’s Up” below and you will appreciate her versatility.

Listen to “That’s What’s Up” by Alicia Keys

Post Author: David Watt