Music: “Rise” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry has premiered a new song titled “Rise”. Although some of you might think that it’s the new Katy Perry single, it’s not. “Rise” is only a buzz single, an appetizer, that Katy decided to premiere to keep the fans interested in her upcoming fifth studio album. The album will be out later this year.

This new single “Rise” is produced by Max Martin. This song has some strong message for Katy’s fans and athletes who will be competing in 2016 Rio Olympics. The song was written for the Games by Katy Perry.

While talking about the song, Katy was quick to point out that the song had been in her head for years now. Probably she had some inspiration to complete this song now or probably she wanted the world to listen to this song and stay united. According to Katy, the song is about rising above the fear, together.

Olympics is a great occasion for everyone in the world. I think this was the perfect time to send out a message of unity, exactly what Katy did. She wants the world to unite and rise together as they do during the Games. The song is also about the problems that the society if facing, especially the hatred against the black community.

The good news is that NBC has already picked up Katy’s anthem to be used for Olympic Games coverage music. I’m sure Katy will inspire millions this year, helping them to forgo their differences and come together to solve problems and rise as a common race, above all ethnic differences. Time to listen to this IMPORTANT song.

Listen to “Rise” by Katy Perry

Post Author: David Watt