Listen to “Don’t Tell Me” by Ruel [Listen to Full Audio]

If you have been waiting for something fresh, you have an amazing debut single “Don’t Tell Me” by Ruel to listen the entire week. It’s that good.

This debut single from Ruel is a certified fresh piece of music. It reminds of how a debut single should sound. To be honest, this single sets new standards for all the other young artists to follow.

Ruel is only 14 years old. When you hear this Sydney-born teenager sing, you will be surprised by the maturity of his vocals. He has total command over everything that comes out of his mouth. As soon as you listen to the opening line, you know there is something special about this kid. His emotionally powerful voice grabbed my attention in a second. I’m sure that’s the kind of experience you all are going to have when listening to “Don’t Tell Me”.

The chorus is also something special. I can’t believe this 14-year old singer has such a songwriting talent.

I know by know you all are wondering where did this teenager come from? The credit goes to M-Phazes who has discovered this teenager. If you don’t know about M-Phazes, he is the guy who has worked with everyone popular in the music industry from Madonna to Meg Mac. M-Phazes is so impressed with the talent of Ruel that he even featured him on one of his own singles. There is a full debut EP due in stores later this year. I’m sure we will hear a lot of new music from this emerging talent. For now, it’s time to listen to his debut single. Be sure to share the song with others if you like what you hear. This teenager deserves every bit of help.

Listen to “Don’t Tell Me” by Ruel – Debut Single

Post Author: David Watt