Music: “I Can Change” by Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers has already released a few songs lately and here is a new one titled “I Can Change”. This track, along with the tracks he released earlier, are going to be part of his upcoming solo album titled “The Desired Effect”. To be honest, Brandon Flowers should stop releasing all these songs and focus on a few instead as there won’t be much of a reason to buy his second upcoming solo album if he continues releasing tracks at the pace he is already releasing. There won’t be anything unheard left that fans could expect to get from the album they would buy. His second solo album will hit stores on May 19.

The song “I Can Change” premiered on radio on April 30. It didn’t take long before being available on VEVO. However, there was a problem with the upload as the audio didn’t match the title. The audio released on VEVO under the title “I Can Change” was actually of another track called “Voices” by Neulore. This is definitely something that VEVO will be taking seriously and avoid doing in future with other artists. Anyhow, the song is a great ‘buzz’ track and you can listen it after the jump.

“I Can Change” is a lovely song that sets quite a dreamy-rock climate right from the beginning. Brandon sings about changing the way life is. He wants to be good with his girlfriend again and he is willing to do everything to make that change possible. He is definitely in love.

Listen to “I Can Change” by Brandon Flowers

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz