New Debut Solo Single “Just Hold On” by Louis Tomlinson – Listen to Full Audio

The former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has started his solo career with his first solo single “Just Hold On” now out on iTunes. This new single is a joint project between Luis and DJ Steve Aoki.

For those of you who are getting excited and thinking that maybe this would be Tomlinson’s lead single, it’s NOT. But still, this new single is his first solo single and it is the first single from his much-anticipated debut solo album.

The timing of this single is perfect. Tomlinson decided to release it on Sunday because he along with Steve Aoki were scheduled to perform this new single on The X Factor UK on Sunday night.  Now that could turn out to be a highly rewarding strategy is this new single appears on the UK Singles Chart. I’m putting my bets on a Top 5 position.

Before Louis could kickstart his solo career, he lost his mother to leukemia. Now after listening to “Just Hold On”, I know how much this song would matter to Louis. It’s not just his first solo song but it’s also going to console him when his father is gone. It’s the lyrics that contain a powerful advice for Louis to “Just Hold On”. Time to listen to this song now. Fortunately, you can listen to the full stream in high quality below.

Listen to “Just Hold On” by Louis Tomlinson – The former One Direction Star

Post Author: David Watt