Music Video Review: “The Break Up” by Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly has released a colorful music video for “The Break Up” song. It’s directed by Jordan Wozy and Machine Gun Kelly explores the end of a relationship in the visuals.

Earlier, the rapper launched a new website where users can leave their relationship-ending messages. Following this venture, Machine Gun Kelly released these visuals. Probably he is promoting his website through this video or maybe its the other way around and he is actually using this website and his the-break-up service to promote his “The Break Up” song. As of now, I’m not sure what’s his main product here. Nevertheless, it’s a great music video and I encourage you to give it a try.

In the music video, Machine Gun Kelly explores the end of a relationship. He is in a colorful home where every room is color coded. In one room, you see the rapper while in the other room you have his ex. Machine Gun Kelly follows his ex, moving from one room to another. Some rooms have surprises for them – none of them is pleasant by any means. To know what the surprises were, you gotta watch the video yourself.

This new song “The Break Up” is included in Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloom” LP that came out in 2017. You can watch the music video for this song below.

Watch music video “The Break Up” by Machine Gun Kelly

Post Author: David Watt