Music Video Review: “Fine By Me” by Chris Brown

Chris Brown has released another track from his upcoming album “Royalty”. This new track is titled “Fine By Me”. The single was originally meant to serve as a countdown single but from the look of things, it looks as if it is going to replace “Zero” as the official single. One of the reasons that led us to this conclusion is the fact that Chris Brown released a music video for the track a day after releasing it.

If you have watched the “Zero” official music video, you will quickly find out that “Fine By Me” MV is a continuation of the previous MV. The video is directed by Chris Brown himself and it’s about the Breezy saying goodbye to his friends at a convenience store. As Breezy leaves for home, he meets a sexy girl who wants him to follow her. Our curious Breezy doesn’t think even for a moment and heads straight after the girl into a dark room located inside a far away building. There he finds a message with instructions to remove his clothes. Breezy obeys as if he has become a slave. He is rewarded with a door opening and letting Chris Brown inside another room. Here Chris is made to watch a video revealing the truth about events earlier that day. An old man explains everything telling him how his drink at the club was drugged. Chris now has no option but to fight for his life. The music video ends leaving a lot yet to be explained, indicating that there will be yet another continuation of Breezy’s adventures. Watch the music video below and leave your comments about Chris’s newly found love for visual art.

Watch Music Video “Fine By Me” by Chris Brown


Post Author: David Watt