Music video review: “Real Sisters” by Future

Future has been promoting his “Beast Mode” mixtape for months now. But we think he will stop that and will focus more on his upcoming studio album, which is about to be released. This new studio album will be titled “Future Hendrix”. However, for now, we have another song from rapper’s mixtape that has a music video now. “Real Sisters” is produced by Zaytoven. The audio was premièred last year and finally there is a music video for it.

The timing of this music video is strange and a puzzle in itself that only Future can solve for us. He premiered the audio on last year and took so long to come up with a music video. If the song was so special to him, he should have released a MV when the song was still popular. Now it will be tough for Future to get anything out of this video since everyone has forgotten the song. As the things stand, it is obvious that Future needs to improve his promotional skills for better results in the future.

The music video for “Real Sisters” was released on VEVEO. The video has a female empowerment theme. It shows a gang celebrating as they receive a huge consignment of cocaine. They hire a few sexy women to dance to make their celebrations even wilder. But they forget that those girls are no ordinary girls. Instead of dancing, they kick their asses and take the drug. Finally it is revealed that those girls were actually working for another mafia gang.

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Post Author: David Watt