Music Video Review: “Believe” by Shawn Mendes

This week’s been great for Shawn Mendes with his two new music videos premiering. The first music video hit the screens around the world on June 26 when he premiered “Stitches” through VEVO. The second music video by Canadian singer titled “Believe” premiered a day later through VEVO again.

“Believe” is an uplifting guitar-based track. This mid-tempo song is very convincing and reminds us of the fact that Shawn Mendes is set to be the next big thing. “Believe” will be including on the soundtrack of upcoming Disney TV movie “Descendants”. This movie will air at the end of July for worldwide audience on Disney TV.

The track “Belive” is all about believing in oneself. Once you believe in yourself, you can do almost everything. Impossible becomes ‘impossible’ and all of a sudden your attitude towards life changes. Shawn Mendes has done a great job to capture that feeling of believing in oneself in music video. The music video is directed by Justin Francis and it shows Shawn Mendes playing guitar on rooftop. As the video progresses, Mendes comes down to streets and enjoys an enriching experience with a group of people who are writing ‘I Believe” on a wall. Shawn Mendes also writes on the wall and leaves a message for his fans. To see the message, you will have to watch the video. Click Play below.

Watch Music Video “Believe” by Shawn Mendes

Post Author: David Watt