Music Video: “Beautiful To Me” by Olly Murs

If you have been wondering where Olly Murs has gone after performing live with Kelly & Michael back in March, you have the news now. Olly has been working on his music video for the charming surefire hit track “Beautiful To Me”. Now he has released the music video and we expect that the UK crooner will definitely make some waves with this new beautiful music video. The music video is probably one of the coolest ‘love’ videos that you have seen in a while. It will make you fall in love once again – that’s the power of this wonderful video. You can watch it below after the review.

The music video for “Beautiful To Me” is directed by Martyn Thomas. The video is all about life of a couple that’s going through ups and downs of life and along with it they see how their love holds them together strongly. The video spans over years as the life of the couple is unfolded in front of the audience. They move away from each other and go on their separate ways but then the love brings them back together as they are reunited in the end of the video.

The music video is definitely going to be one of the favorites for many Olly fans. Even if you’re not a big fan, you’re still going to find a lot of love in the video. It may just prove to be the video that you needed to watch to fall in love again.

Watch music video “Beautiful To Me” by Olly Murs

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz