Maroon 5 Released Video Snippet Of New Song “Girls Like You”

Adam Levine is up to a new song called “Girls Like You” and he has taken it to Twitter to share a 50-second video snippet of the song recording. The song is expected to be on the forthcoming album called ” Red Pill Blues”.

Maroon 5 revealed the good news on Oct 4 Wednesday morning with a series of GIFs to unveil the tracklist. The track list consists of a total of 10 songs opening with a song called ‘Best 4 U’. It ends with the song named ‘Closure’. Before its end, the album also includes tracks such as ‘Lips on You’, ‘Bet My Heart’ and ‘Wait’.

The Collaborations In “Red Pill Blues”

Levine has made quite a few collaborations on the album to make it interesting. There is three collaborated song on the album including ‘Help Me Out’ with Julia Michaels, LunchMoney Lewis’s ‘Who I Am’ and a rap song called ‘Whiskey’ with A$AP Rockey. The album is ought to be out on November 3rd in the market.

The short video clip Maroon shared on Twitter opens with Adam Levine singing “I need a girl like you / I spent last night on the last flight to you / It’s been 24 hours, I need more hours with you”. We can clearly see how he is making an effort to put a decent song for us.

Post Author: David Watt