Lyrics of Pink’s Whole Album ‘Beautiful Trauma’

Pink has already given us  a taste of the her album called Beautiful Trauma through two already released singles:“What About Us,” and “Beautiful Trauma.” This is her seventh studio album, with her first ‘The Truth About Love’ released in 2012. The album received a massive response and topped 2012’s top charts.

Throughout her entire carrier, Pink has successfully managed to top the charts. After her second baby, Pink slowed down a little. Talking to a newspaper she quoted the incident as “It took 5 years of mine”.

Pink for sure have sung a track with Eminem in her music life but this album is solely hers. The album is a unique thing when everyone is going for rap collaborations. Elaborating the title of album, Pink called life as traumatic and so is her album title.

The album consists of 13 songs including Beautiful Trauma and What About Us. It is going to be released tomorrow on Friday, October 13th. Let’s all wait for the album together.

The Lyrics of Album ‘Beautiful Trauma’

01 Beautiful Trauma

02 Revenge

03 Whatever You Want

04 What About Us

05 But We Lost It

06 Barbies

07 Where We Go

08 For Now

09 Secrets

10 Better Life

11 I Am Here

12 Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

13 You Get My Love

Post Author: David Watt