Listen to the Single: “Super Love” by Tinashe

Tinashe has finally made a comeback after teasing her fans for months now. She released official new music on July 15. The new single is titled “Super Love”. It’s produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream.

This new single will be the lead single for Tinashe’s upcoming second studio album. This album will hit the market later this year but Tinashe is still to finalize a new album name, which was first announced to be named ‘Joyride’. RCA Records will be releasing this album.

With this new single, comes great news for Tinashe and her fans. It looks as if her label has finally decided to push her new music, which means both have settled some sort of a deal. Considering rumors and some inside gossip, it looks clear that Tinashe finally took it to her label, telling the executives to give her a date for her album release. If they failed to make a written promise, she’d go on to release music at her own. That’s what the situation tells me but still it’s a guess. Don’t take this as the final word on this issue. If you know something, let me know in comments.

Just like Tinashe’s comeback look, this new song has something refreshing about itself. I’m sure you will like it. I wish for Tinashe that Top40 radio picks up this song. This is a favor that Tinashe needs badly now. You can listen to this song below. Just hit PLAY.

Listen to “Super Love” by Tinashe

Post Author: David Watt