Music Video: “Party Favors” by Tinashe

Tinashe has released the official video for her track “Party Favors”. The MV was released on Thursday via MTV. Despite premiering “Party Favors” in September, Tinashe hadn’t said anything about it’s MV until it was released. There was no announcement of any kind and she didn’t even update her social media fans, which is how everyone releases MVs.

“Party Favors” will be included in Tinashe’s upcoming sophomore studio album titled “Joyride”. The track was initially released as only a buzz single and that’s why no one expected Tinashe to release a music video for it. But it seems that Tinashe or her record label has really seen something with a huge potential in “Party Favors”, the reason they are willing to spend money on a buzz single. Now there is a good chance that this single will be promoted to being an ‘official’ single.

The MV is all about hot Tinashe partying somewhere while wearing a sexy Burberry skirt and a crop-top that’s almost see-through. The party seems kind of perfect for Tinashe as she is able to become the center of attention in no time. After all, she knows how to the ultimate party girl. She drinks, smokes and dances sensually. Her flawless body moves in a certain rhythm, she takes her selfies and let’s party guests feel her swirls down the waist. She also sucks on a lollipop and boy she does it like it’s meant to be done – something all the party girls need to learn from her.


Watch “Party Girls” music video by Tinashe


Post Author: David Watt