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Listen to New Music “I’m A Lady” by Meghan Trainor

The new song from Meghan Trainor is here and it will make you dance. The Smurfs seem to love it and so do we.

“I’m A Lady” by Meghan Trainor is the official soundtrack of the new Smurfs movies. The movie, titled “The Lost Village” will be released in the first week of April this year.

The single “I’m A Lady” by Meghan Trainor hit the digital stores on Thursday morning like a sound of fresh air coming from the cute Lost Village of Smurfs. You can hear it on Spotify and other digital platforms.

Although this song is a soundtrack, it still has that radio-friendly vibe. I’m sure pop radios will pick it up without any prejudice to soundtracks. It’s an empowering song, with a very strong feminine message. You’ll love it if you are a female but there is nothing wrong dancing to this lovely tune even if you are male or a Smurf.

When Smurfs perform on this song in the new movie, I’m sure a lot of people are going to love it. Backed by powerful vocals of Meghan and a solid beat, it’s a sure-fire new hit. Listen to this new song by Meghan Trainor below and write something about how you feel about this song in the comments below.

Listen to “I’m A Lady” by Meghan Trainor

Post Author: David Watt