Listen to “Differently” by Marian Hill

Marian Hill is telling the story of an obsessive girl in this new song “Differently”. Listen to this latest single after the song review.

In this new song, Marian Hill’s lead vocalist sings in the chorus”Do you care that she runs around till 3, do ya? Tell me you are missing me”. It’s catchy and the beat sounds very similar to what we have heard from Marian Hill since 2016. If you want specifics, it probably sounds much like her hit track “Down”.

The story of this song is relateable. You hear the singer sing about a boyfriend who has moved on eventually. He is now with another girl. However, it seems to bother her. She doesn’t feel happy about the fact that her boyfriend has moved on and he is now living with someone else.

She definitely needs a session with a psychologist. Why? Because the way she is reacting to this situation. She should be OK about it. Her boyfriend has moved on and there is nothing she can do now. She can’t force him to love her back the way it used be there. In fact, she can’t do anything other than moving on with her new life. You can listen to this song below. Give it a listen and leave us your comments below about Marian Hill’s new music.

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Post Author: David Watt