Justin-Bieber Yummy

Listen To Country Remix For “Yummy” By Justin Bieber Ft. Florida Georgia Line

Justin Bieber is trying to continue the promotion for his latest single “Yummy.” Now we have a country remix for the track featuring Florida Georgia Line.

Although a lot of fans would be excited about this release, this is kind of awkward considering Bieber had to release new material instead of giving us a remix of the previous song. With this remix, you’re not getting the remix only but with it, Justin Bieber has packed a lot of promotions and the music video clearly feels overwhelming. Some of the promotions suggest that Bieber wants this song to be No.1 but with the help of his Beliebers as he requests them in the remix to listen to the song continually, stream it as much they can, even while they are sleeping. Now that’s crossing the line between delivering refreshing content and going over the board with promotions.

When you listen to this remix, you will now that Bieber hasn’t put a lot in it. It sounds very similar to the original. If Bieber was thinking of creating a remix that would equal his previous country remix, sad news for Beliebers – he hasn’t even come close this time.

Although Beiber could’ve focused on “Intentions” which could easily become another hit for him, he decided to further promote “Yummy.” That’s a strange choice no matter how you look at it. Nevertheless, listen to the country remix of “Yummy” below.

Listen To Country Remix For “Yummy” By Justin Bieber Ft. Florida Georgia Line

Post Author: David Watt